911 Lookout

A Third-Party Quality Service Evaluation of First Responders

People expect compassionate and professional assistance from well-trained first responders when they dial 911, but what happens when those expectations are not met or exceeded? How does someone report their experience, and what assurances do they have that the people elected or appointed to oversee first response agencies will receive this important feedback?

The 911 Lookout program is a unique service designed to be an independent, unbiased evaluation of first responder service provided to a community. Through voluntary participation of our user-friendly, online surveys, we will measure and track feedback from individuals served by first responders. Regular reports are then provided to administrative staff in the communities that choose to use our service, enabling these communities to identify exemplary behavior as well as behaviors not in line with department standards.

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Make 911 Lookout Your Third-Party Watchdog

  • Improve the overall quality of service from first responders
  • Receive objective and uncompromised evaluations
  • Provide an unbiased tool useful for promotional and disciplinary processes
  • Achieve the highest ethical standards
  • Uphold your agency’s public image

Make 911 Lookout Your Third-Party Watchdog

Break the code of silence within your public services and improve the relationship with your community.
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Removing the Obstacles of Quality Service

Before 911Lookout, most complaints and praises of service did not go any further than the person taking the call for the agency. Until now, agencies were shackled by the code of silence that blocks the road to quality service that the public deserves. Our quick and easy survey gives users an avenue to express their level of satisfaction with the service they received. 911Lookout aids municipalities in identifying and rewarding exemplary service, as well as uncovering behavior that may be detrimental to their agency as a whole.

How it Works

Citizens will be given a link to a web-based survey upon conclusion of their incident where they can evaluate the first responders and their overall experience. If less than 10% of incidents are surveyed, well-trained 911Lookout staff will proactively reach out to individuals who used emergency services to solicit feedback on their service. 911Lookout will then use advanced metrics to help stakeholders track this feedback and the agency’s overall performance.

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