About Market Makers Beef


Market Makers Beef exists to assist beef producers seeking to buy and sell cattle with added value. Commercial producers now have access to many of the genetic evaluation tools and technology previously only available to registered producers. The good news for the beef industry is commercial producers are embracing the advancing technology and the result is a beef animal moving up the supply chain with unparalleled predictability and inherent profitability.

Progressive producers are signaling the changing paradigm by adjusting management, implementing genetic evaluation tools and technology to retain, develop, or cull heifers, keep bulls to market as herd sires, or retain ownership on a penof feeder cattle.

Progressive cattle feeders and processors recognize the decreased risk and increased margins as higher performing cattle with end product merit move through the food chain. Producers are being rewarded by earning significant premiums for supplying higher quality cattle.

Market Makers Beef is designed to provide a buying or selling opportunity for beef producers seeking higher quality.